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about us

12 Step Life is not an organization in the traditional sense of the word. We noticed that many organizations view their clients as drug addicts and alcoholics and not people. What we provide is an uncongested atmosphere which allows each member the time, attention, support, and structure needed to be productive based on their individual obstacles.



We love you and we'll see you when you get home. 




  • Weekly self help meeting references (transportation provided)

  • Foundation to recovery process

  • Sponsorship & step work encouragement

  • Support group encouragement

  • Weekly progress evaluations

  • Meditation techniques

  • Reflection time daily

  • Peer support access

  • Drug and alcohol free, safe environment

  • Court, children and family service, and probation compliance assistance


jOB Support

  • Resume development

  • Mock interviewing sessions (how to answer questions/attire/body language)

  • Help with applying for jobs/ email registration (internet access)



  • There are no volunteer opportunities at this time.  Stay tuned for future opportunities!

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